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Death Gun Studios is a YouTube channel that is currently working on animations. Their main focus for animations is Minecraft. This animation studios  was founded by Death Gun on the 1st of January, 2020.

Community Founder : Before starting Death Gun Studios this animator had worked with Arbiter617, a fellow animator and founder of Black Plasma Studios. Death Gun himself stated: " I watched Minecraft animations before and worked along side with Arbiter, Little Thomas Kid and other fellow comrades in Black Plasma Studios. I later on decided to make an animation channel aswell and got some friends to help. I will still be working with Black Plasma in the future, especially with the amazing hit of `songs of war`. "

Important articles Edit

Death Gun also announced that he is planning to make a animation named "The Shadow Warrior". Be sure to watch out for this page, as we will update this to recent events every time.


  • Death Gun
  • Black Plasma Studios (Member)
  • Death Gun Studios (Founder)
  • Channel + Animation not released

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